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Edible images Gold Coast is a specialty service provided by Kimbo’s Cakes. What is an edible image? It’s an image which is ‘printed’ on to an edible icing sheet, using edible ink and dyes. It allows you to ‘print’ a special photo, team logo or personalized print to theme your birthday or celebration cake.

The edible images are available in a range of sizes and can be customized to suit any cake. They’re even available for cupcakes. Our edible images Gold Coast look and taste amazing and are the perfect way to create a truly memorable cake.

Edible Photo Images

Edible photo images can be ‘printed’ in black and white or full colour. They are a popular cake decoration of choice for birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and retirement cakes. Edible photo images are simply applied directly into buttercream frosting and are sure to impress.

Themed Edible Images

Themed edible images are particularly popular with kids and sports cakes. Think Star Wars, Justice League, Superman, Frozen, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Wiggles and more. Grown-ups might go for a Titans or Broncos cake. Also great for corporate logos.

Edible Cupcake Images

Edible cupcake images are a great way to create a totally themed event. You can match your cake with your cupcakes, or simply create a range of great looking cupcakes with a message. Cupcake edible images suit ‘normal’ sized cupcakes and are applied into buttercream frosting.

Cake decorations Gold Coast is something we love to do. It allows us to be creative, transforming your cake and/or cupcakes into a personalized piece of edible art. Kimbo’s Cakes can supply the cake and edible images, or just the cake decorations and edible images Gold Coast on their own.

Our edible images Gold Coast can be customized to suit any theme, event and/or occaision you want. Please note that advance notice is required.

For more information on our edible images Gold Coast and cake decorations, contact Kimbo’s Cakes on 0438 360 039 or email info@kimboscakes.com.au

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